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Timber Breezway Louvre Windows


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Louvres allows air to flow through almost 100% of the window area. Opened – it’s like free air conditioning in your home but better as you control the strength of the breeze allowed through. Closed - louvres seals tightly to keep water and wind out when you want.

There are 6 easy steps that will guide you for choosing the right louvre for your home.

  1. Select your choice of frame
  2. Select your louvre blade
  3. Select a control method
  4. Select clip and handles
  5. Choose optional extras
  6. Consult with a Stegbar sales representative
  • The only energy rated louvre windows
  • Cyclone rated, up to 3000 Pascals Designed Wind Pressure and up to 500 Pascals water penetration in a NATA accredited facility
  • Sleek modern lines
  • Fully customizable
  • Excellent security - key locks and security bars are available
  • Insect / fly screens can be easily fitted
  • Made entirely of non-corrosive materials
Select your choice of frame

When selecting your frame think about the look of your home from the inside and the outside.
Stegbar louvre aluminium frames

Aluminium frames are timeless in their appearance and require virtually no maintenance.
Stegbar louvre timber frame

Timber frames create a warm feeling when used throughout your home; timber conducts very little heat making it an energy efficient option.
Stegbar louvre PVC frame

As with timber, uPVC is an energy efficient option for framing.
 Select your louvre blade

Louvre blades are available in 2 standards sizes: 102 mm (4”) and 152mm (6”).

Blades are interchangeable, you have the option to mix and match blades as desired. For example, in the bedrooms and bathrooms, you can have timber blades in the bottom half of the bay with clear glass blades in the top half.
Stegbar louvre aluminium blades Aluminium
  • Aluminium blades are virtually maintenance free can’t rust and never need painting. Architects and designers love using them to create a very stylish visual screen.
  • Aluminium blades are offered in an endless variety of powder coat colour finishes.

Stegbar louvre cedar blades
  • Timber blades let the breeze in and create a privacy screen at the same time.
  • Options: Western red cedar or Hardwood.
  • All timber can be stained to blend in with your home.

Stegbar louvre glass blades
  • Glass thickness: 6mm
  • Options: clear, frosted, etched, grey, green, and bronze.
  • Can be toughened for extra strength and safety or add Low – E coating for enhanced energy efficiency.

Select a control method

Select from the range of handles shown below.

By including additional handles you can split your louvre into sections that can be independently opened and closed for more precise airflow control. Handles may be placed left or right of the frame, up high or down low for easy reach.

Stegbar louvre no handle

No handle

The automated Altair Powerlouvre™ window is controlled by motors concealed within the head of the frames.

Stegbar louvre standard handle

Standard handle

For easy-to-reach application, handle designed to fit the contours of the human hand for easy grip.

Stegbar louvre o-ring handle

ring handle

For out-of-reach application, the ring type handle (A13) is for louvre placed high up or out of reach.

Stegbar louvre locking bar handle

Handle locking bar

Opening and closing is now even easier with improved performance and ergonomics. Recommended for use in schools and retirement homes.

Stegbar louvre low-profile handle

Low profile handle

Stainless steel low profile handles designed for bi-fold and sliding doors. This unique shape and styling provides a slim line and functional fit that won't snag curtains or get in the way of blinds.

Choose optional extras

Key lock

  • Options: black, white and clear anodised
  • One key can be used on all your louvre windows.
  • Colour matched key locks are available.

Security bar Only available to fit 152mm blade heights.

Breezway Easyscreen™ Surround frameInsect / Fly and security mesh screens can be fitted to the outside of your louvre windows

Stegbar Timber Louvre